Travel Isn’t All Plane Sailing: How to Keep Yourself Protected in Booking Mishaps

At the end of March Icelandic Budget airline WoW Air dramatically crashed out of the trading market and ceased operations, in an exit so unplanned and chaotic it puts Brexit to shame. Passengers in

So You Want to be an Erasmus Student?

Students have the opportunity when they’re in college to go on an Erasmus which is a European Union student exchange programme. It’s a chance for students to go abroad and experience a

Was ‘The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann’ Doc Worth the Wait?

The Madeleine McCann documentary was released on Netflix on March 15th and it gave people the chance to see the events of how Madeline was abducted and the aftermath of it. Before this documentary

New Restaurant Allows Guests to Dine With the Fishes

Europe’s first underwater restaurant allows guests to spend four hours dining on the seabed of the North Sea. The restaurant, named Under, was built by the architecture company Snøchetta at the

Struggling to Decide Who to Travel With? Here’s Some Advice.

Let me begin by being completely honest: I am a terrible traveller. I love flying, I adore a ferry, but in terms of actually exploring a country or being a tourist, I am absolutely useless. I have

Albania’s Tourism Campaign ‘Taken’ a Step too Far?

There has long been a principle in marketing which says there is no such thing as “bad publicity”. A long list of celebrities dethroned for their public transgressions would disagree with that