Campus Meets: Melanie Murphy, Irish YouTube Sensation

For those of you who don’t know, Melanie Murphy is an Irish YouTuber from Skerries, Co. Dublin. Melanie has over half a million subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she vlogs about lifestyle,

Our Movie Picks of The Week

Just as you recover from that heart racing Grand Slam, you get the news that other sporting events have been postponed due to adverse weather conditions. Worry not because we have your entertainment

St Patrick’s Day: A Celebration of Irish Culture Or An Excuse To Drink Too Much?

St Patrick’s Day is rolling around again and this year it falls on a Saturday, meaning a weekend long celebration. Could anything be more perfect? Plus, the Six Nations match is on the day, Ireland

The Young Offenders: TV Series Review

Peter Foott’s masterpiece, The Young Offenders, was the fastest Irish film to reach the one-million-euro mark at the Irish box office in 2016. The movie was a smash-hit with Irish audiences,

Coping With Homesickness And Long Distance Relationships

Back in June I wrote my first article on long distance relationships. At that point I had already been living away from family and friends for nearly two years, but had only just begun four months of

Is Traditional Marriage Dead?

We live in an era of change, an age that future generations will look back at in awe. We are accepting new ideas, defying stereotypes and slowly allowing everyone the right to free speech. We go