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What to say when it’s your turn to ask questions in an interview

By Rowan Manahan , Friday 23rd January, 10:55

Career Advice Guru Rowan Manahan's advice on what to say when it's your turn to ask questions in the job interview.

Key Points to Consider

1. Prepare some questions to ask before the interview.

2. Do not ask self-serving questions such as "Will you pay for my MBA?", "What is you sick-pay policy?" or "How big is my company car?" Questions like these are simply wrong.

3. Clarify housekeeping issues such as sick pay policy with HR or the Line Manager in advance of the interview and not during it.

4. A good question to ask is "What do you see as the difference between a person who can do the job well and someone who can do it outstandingly well?". This shows you are a player.


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