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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

By Rowan Manahan , Friday 23rd January, 10:48

Recruitment Guru Rowan Manahan on talking about your strengths and weaknesses in the interview.


  • Interviewers rarely ask about strengths anymore.
  • How are you acieving the things that you are within your job?
  • Socially not something that we talk about, so the interview is the only acceptable place to talk about this.
  • Think about the feedback that you have gotten in the past.
  • Think about which ones are appropriate for the position.


  • This is often not answered well in interviews.
  • They're looking for your self knowledge.
  • Are you comfortable talking about yourself?
  • How did you became aware of the problem
  • And most importantly what are you doing about the weakness?
  • Many people lack the confidence to talk about their weaknesses, so they instead duck behind a cliche
  • I'm a workaholic! I'm a perfectionist! Avoid these cliches.


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