Stay Unique. Shape Society. Work in Advertising.

As you consider your options with graduation fast approaching, the career marketplace has never been healthier! In February 2019, the Irish Times reported that the number of people in employment had reached a record high. With digital giants like Facebook, Google and Airbnb all headquartered in Dublin, the talent pool has never been bigger.

Some more traditional industries have struggled to attract fresh diverse talent and the advertising industry, represented by IAPI, has developed a Talent Attraction program to illustrate what it is about the creative commercial communications sector that make it a viable, compelling and wise career choice.

The advertising sector thrives on creativity and this creativity cannot succeed without diversity, integrity and inclusion. Given the wide and diverse number of products and brands that our members engage with daily, this creativity needs to be relevant, representative and relatable. 

So what can you expect from a career in an agency? IAPI represent over 60 agencies, all various sizes and types including PR / Digital / Outdoor / Experiential / Media / Creative and Full-Service agencies.  With the new talent attraction program IAPI wanted to ensure that new graduates are aware of what the industry looks like, who’s involved, what roles are open and how to enter the sector.

Truly creative advertising requires a different mindset; one that doesn’t always go for the obvious solution or the normal response. IAPI encourages their people to Stay Unique and remain themselves. By doing so they ensure that idea generation comes from a broad spectrum of individuals.

IAPI acknowledges that there is a less than complimentary view of advertising as a commercial, sexist, ‘Madmen’-esque sector that cynically pushes products to their audience. That cliché is quickly becoming redundant as more and more altruistic work and campaigns emerge from our sector.  IAPI closely aligns member agencies with charities for some of our annual competitions such as the Cannes Young Lions and the An Post Direct Challenge. Ireland has seen unprecedented societal change over the last 40 years and whilst that change has been driven by the people, it has been successfully communicated and reflected through the work of our member agencies.  This work continues to help Shape Society and reflect the world we now live in.

So, if this sounds at all appealing, and you want to consider a role in advertising, the next big question is how?  How do you Work In Advertising?  Well to begin with the site is a great place to start.  IAPI aggregates all their members’ jobs as they go live to their jobs page

They have also developed a Career Break page that will give you the low down on the many of the roles you will encounter such as media buyers, planners, art directors and copywriters.  IAPI lists all their member agencies, so you have an immediate who’s who of the sector and we blog and publish white papers on various industry events, subjects and trends.

So, if you’re considering a fun and dynamic career in advertising, don’t hesitate to reach out for further information and advice.

Stay Unique.  Shape Society.  Work in Advertising!