Homemade gift guide for christmas

With Christmas coming up sometimes it’s hard to remember that you need to buy presents for other people and not just yourself, or is that just me?

However for us students, buying Christmas presents on a budget can be quite difficult and we sometimes have no choice but to turn into a DIY pro and make our own – and trust me when I say there is no harm in that.
Here are some of my special, thoughtful gifts you can make for friends, because let’s face it, no one really wants a gift set from the chemist.
Picture collage 
A picture collage can be a really thoughtful, cheap gift for close friends. It involves a lot of effort and sometimes you might end up crying because of the double sided sticky tape – but there’s nothing nicer than receiving a gift that you know someone has put a lot of effort into.
What I normally do is buy a blank canvas board from the pound shop. I’ve bought them for €2 and they are perfect. After that, it’s very simple. You just print off your pictures (the cheapest prints I’ve found are online on a website called and you simply cut out pictures, then stick them onto the canvas using glue or double sided sticky tape. To finish, you can also add on personal quotes, making the perfect last minute gift. 
Customised mug 
This is ridiculously easy to do and looks like you had to get it specially made – and to top it off you just need two things: a sharpie marker and a white mug. 
I bought a simple white mug once again in the pound shop for €1.50 (you can also pick up a white mug in the likes of Dunnes Stores.) 
You write their name or whatever you want on the mug and bake it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. You can use colour and draw pictures too, but be sure to do so in Sharpie.
Customised CD 
This is a perfect last minute present for the music lovers out there. You simply buy yourself a blank CD and burn your friend’s favourite tunes onto it! 
A personalised diary
I always think everyone needs a diary in life – and they’re so cute and can make the perfect present. Back to the ol’ reliable pound shop and pick up a cheap 2016/2017 diary in a light colour so that it’s easier to decorate. 
If it’s for a best friend, why not stick a picture of you and them on the cover? Write cute quotes, use glitter, make it as colourful and as special as you possibly can. You can also put in important dates that they need to remember such as, maybe, your birthday.
The night out gift basket
This one is for special friends who love a night on the tiles. I couldn’t personally pick this one up in my town, but most people could manage. 
I think it’s the present of all presents and truthfully the one they will get the most use out of, especially as New Year’s Eve is coming up straight after Christmas! 
This might not be the cheapest option so I’d save it for your best friend. All you’ve to do is think about what you would buy coming up to a night out. 
Think tan (you can never go astray with Cocoa Brown), fake nails from Penneys for €1.50 or a polish in their favourite colour, fake eyelashes again picked up for €1.50-€3.50 in Penneys. 
If they have a statement look such as a smokey eye or red lip, pick something for this up. Maybe even include a new pair of dancing shoes (Everything £5 is a nice website for shoes, and yes everything is £5) and throw in a night out CD (which you can make yourself!)  
Finally if you have a bit of spare money, why not include a gift voucher for their favourite shop – River Island, Penneys, New Look – and give them their complete night out starter pack. 
You could also include an alcoholic beverage like a light cocktail or West Coast Cooler and you’re done!