Girl band: not another indie-rock group

For what may be the most promising band in Ireland at the moment, the first experience of listening to Girl Band is somewhat jarring to say the least. 
As vocalist Dara Kiely vehemently screams“Why they hide the bodies under my garage?” repeatedly amidst a sonic assault of noise, one soon learns that their deceiving name is certainly a misnomer. 
Harsh production values and even the occasional absence of a discernible song structure means it takes one a while to find method behind the madness. 
Luckily though, it’s these things that make Girl Band so unique, and makes it all the more unfair that they are being dumped into the “indie-rock” genre when nothing could be further from the truth. 
The Dublin quartet manage to blend a loud cacophony of droning bass and piercing distortion with melodies that could rival those of any alt-rock outfit to produce songs that would make them one of the heaviest groups to feature in many people’s Spotify playlists.
People have tried to make comparisons to the band’s uncommon sound, even being likened to Nirvana. Girl Band themselves have dismissed such comments, and those making them are clearly missing the point.
What’s important is the unstoppable presence that each one of their tracks possesses. Every moment of blistering noise (of which there are plenty) is complimented by groove-laden basslines and absurdist, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. 
Breakout single ‘Lawman’ is a prime example of this. Lines such as “I used to be good looking. He starts every sentence with I know I’m not a racist but” may seem like nonsense on paper, but the combination of infectious melody and the visceral pounding of guitars and drums make sure that the lyrics are delivered in a manner that makes it impossible to dismiss them as simply having a laugh.
Girl Band achieved noticeable underground success with singles such as this and the aforementioned cover of Blawan’s ‘Why They Hide The Bodies Under My Garage’, both of which feature on the band’s ‘The Early Years’ EP. 
Last month saw the release of Girl Band’s first full length offering ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’. Any questions that may have been asked regarding whether or not their energy could sustain the length of an LP were quickly answered. 
Every song on the record, with ‘Paul’ and ‘Fucking Butter’ being just some of standouts, possess the same kind of sonic assault and quirks that make Girl Band the force that they are. 
The fact they can do so with such success and without having to polish the band’s lo-fi production values will also please the majority of the band’s fans.
They’re weird, uncompromising and far from the indie darlings that hearsay might make you believe, but their qualities combined creates an exhilarating force that few are able to match. 
How far Girl Band’s jagged brilliance will take them remains to be seen, but they’ll always be unique enough to garner notice and loud enough to be heard from any corner. 
Girl Band play The Button Factory on the 7th of November.