Back to college handbag essentials

The beginning of a new college year is always met with good intentions. At this stage however, most of us are a few weeks in.
Gone are the days where we woke up early, packed for the day, matched a cute bag to an even cuter outfit and skipped off to see our friends again. We are living in the now, and the now involves waking up last minute and grabbing the nearest stuff to us. One way to save time is to have a pre-packed handbag ready to go, with all of your college essentials found below:
Both the most obvious item to pack and worst to forget. If you’re a commuter I recommend throwing your charger in too, just in case. However as important as your phone may be, it’s nothing without a charger. Pop a travel charger in your bag to charge up your phone between lectures.
Opt for a purse rather than having loose change rattling around the bottom of your bag. This way you can keep your student/leap/boojum loyalty cards safe in one easily accessible place.
Apparent college necessities, who knew?
Hand Sanitizer
When you think of the amount of seats and handles you touch a day, and/or remember that this time of year is peak flu season, you will never forget sanitizer again.
A spare bobbin
Because there will, without fail, come a time where you need one. I mean are we really studying if our hair isn’t in a bun?
Makeup basics
Whether it’s mascara or concealer you swear by, I recommend throwing in your go-to product for when you need a top up.  
Lip Balm
It’s very important to keep your lips hydrated this time of year. Actually, anytime of year. Chapped lips are not a good look, but not only that but we all know the feeling of waiting on the bus when a blast of cold wind hits your dry, coarse lips like a wet fish, ouch!
Whether you need them for class or the bus it can never hurt to have your earphones nearby.
Drinking water all day is great for both a healthy mind and body. And bringing your own bottle to college is a great way to save money, pop one in your bag to avoid having to repurchase one every day. 
Photo Credit: @Bess Georgette