5 Unmissable events this Halloween Season

Whether you love it or loathe it, October brings us bang smack into the upcoming scares of not only daunting CAs but our social feeds are overflown with awe-inducing makeup tutorials, costume competition (new profile pic?)  and of course the 360 horror videos, that you click into knowing every time what’s about to jump out at you. Yes, ‘Tis the season of All Hallows’ eve.


If you’re sick of the traditional college outings of Halloween filled with sloppy Harley Quinn and the Joker couple combinations and someone claiming they’re ironically dressed as ‘themselves’ to compensate for their lack of enthusiasm, here are five creepy destinations to visit in Ireland for Halloween this year.


The best bit is, if you’re looking to save a bit of cash (we are students!) Bus Éireann and Expressway are offering a free €8 discount code on a student return ticket so you can experience all that Ireland has to offer this Halloween. Expressway also has free 4g Wi-Fi so no one will miss your pumpkin fun. Pop onto to get your discount now!



Night Tour of Wicklow Goal

The Night Tour of Wicklow Goal is labelled as Ireland’s most haunted building and may be the perfect spot for you and your friends this season. This adult only experience offers a chilling location that was once filled with torture, starvation and death for several people which can now be explored on a Halloween night tour. Still feeling brave? We’ll see…


The Rink’s Halloween Roller Disco

Feeling funky this Halloween? Why not celebrate the night with Dublin’s annual Halloween roller disco? With prizes for fancy dresses and good tunes to be played all night, this is a must for those in search of a ‘feel good’ Halloween.


Halloween Pumpkin Massacre

Camden Bites and Brews are going all out this Halloween with personal pumpkins and carving kits, finger food and drinks. If you’re looking to get your anger out on some pumpkins (and have fun!) this is the one for you.


Dragon of Shandon Parade

Get your creative freak (quite literally) on with Cork’s beloved Halloween inspired parade. This community-based parade involves the most important aspects of celebrating halloween with music, art and a big ol’ spooky dragon. What more could you you be looking for this Halloween?


ScreamFest Screenings

If you’re fortunate enough to not have a friend that drives you to a ‘screamfest’ with their steering skills, then have them drive you to a drive-in movie event showcasing your favourite horror films at Navan Racecourse. Priced at 25 euro for a car of up to 5 people, this is a safe (I can’t guarantee you will feel that after the films!) bet that you will have an entertainment filled night.