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Seán Duffy

College News Editor
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The Hangover goes down under in Stephan Elliot’s riotous attempt at putting a new spin on a genre that has been hugely successful at the box office in recent years. This may not be part of the...


The announcement when it finally arrived felt like nothing more than a footnote.
 The Irish public, who had tuned in to watch the homecoming of the country’s successful Olympians, were informed at the end of the Nine O’ Clock news that “The Republic of Ireland goalkeeper Shay Given has announced his retirement from international football. Given is the country’s...

Oh Holy Christ! That seemed to be the expression etched on most of the faces that had endured two hours of this most excruciating aberration. In fact, it was a surprise to me that there remained anyone in the cinema at the end.
Before you read on, I’m going to say it now. This film is pure and utter drivel. A waste of everybody’s time, and you suspect somehow a good deal of money....

There is more to it than that, however. The state’s reluctance to adequately address the issue of abortion rights represents a political hot potato which successive governments have failed to confront. In essence, this reluctance stems from a wariness about marginalising a constituency still wedded to the past.
The alleged comment from Savita’s doctors that “ this is a Catholic...

Martin stated that Enda Kenny had become "complacent" in his approach to the situation and that the government has failed to add any new significant initiatives north of the border which were outlined as essential in the Good Friday agreement.
Martin also added that the government should work to achieve a united Ireland, which he stated, "remains the aspiration of the majority of...

A figure who could rarely be described as dull, Wallace comments raised eyebrows on Marian Finucane´s Saturday morning radio show. Wallace claimed that he had intimated to a third party that he was going to "definitely get the money back" and that the information was subsequently passed on to the firm who owed him €20,000. Wallace stated that he received a call from the...

"The danger lies not in an imaginary hydra of revolution but in an obstinate clinging to tradition which hampers progress":  Leo Tolstoy
While questions regarding James Reilly´s conduct as Minister for Health refuse to go away, it appears at the moment at least that the Minister is set to hold on to his portfolio.This is despite the fact that fellow cabinet member and...

The march comes weeks ahead of an impending report to be given to the government which will examine the state´s conduct in relation to the European Court of Human Rights ruling on the rights of women.There has been a suggestion that the state´s position, which does not grant the right of abortion if the mother´s life is at risk, may be in contravention of the Court´s...

Frequently, students may be unaware of what lies in store and may have difficulty in deciphering which module is  best suited to them. Well fear not students of Ireland. Campus is here with some tips of how to choose and what to watch out for if the going gets tough.
First of all, the important thing to do is to remain open-minded. Many students can grow disillusioned with certain modules...

The grant is offered to those students whose parents may not be able to afford the costs of rent,food supplies etc. In essence, securing the student grant in a timely manner can be of paramount importance for many students, with parents and children alike dependent on the notion that the allocated funds will reduce the burden and allow the student to embrace college life without the mental strain...

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