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Rowan Manahan

Career Advice Consultant,
Editor's Pick

Recruitment Guru Rowan Manahan explains what interviewers are really looking for when they ask about your future plans?
Key Points to Consider:

Many interviewers do not necessarily know what a...


Recruitment Guru Rowan Manahan's advice on discussing salary in an interview.
Key points to consider:
1. Research salary scales for your industry before the interview

2. Never be the first to raise the topic of salary in an interview - leave that to the interviewer

3. Don't lie or inflate your current salary

4. Never discuss salary in the early stages of the interview process -...

Career Advice Guru Rowan Manahan talks exclusively to about how to answer that killer job interview question.
Key Points:
There are 2 things that can happen when you don't know the answer.

If it is a question about you then it is seriously embarrassing that you are not able to answer it and it is very difficult to recover.

If, however if it is a technical question, you...

Career Advice Guru Rowan Manahan's advice on what to say when it's your turn to ask questions in the job interview.
Key Points to Consider
1. Prepare some questions to ask before the interview.

2. Do not ask self-serving questions such as "Will you pay for my MBA?", "What is you sick-pay policy?" or "How big is my company car?" Questions like these are...

Recruitment Guru Rowan Manahan on talking about your strengths and weaknesses in the interview.

Interviewers rarely ask about strengths anymore.
How are you acieving the things that you are within your job?
Socially not something that we talk about, so the interview is the only acceptable place to talk about this.
Think about the feedback that you have gotten in the past.

Career Advice Consultant Rowan Manahan reads CVs for a living. Here he discusses the different sections on a CV.
Should you include a profile?

It's a great way to tell the reader a bit about you and how you're qualified - make sure that it is impartial, verifiable and fact driven material.
Concrete example of where you have made a difference with your responsibilities.
A Profile is a...

It's the eternal dilemma - making your CV stand out from the crowd. Our Recruitment Guru Rowan Manahan has the answer.
How do you make your CV stand out from a crowd?

Can be anything from 10 to 10,000 applications for a hotly contested position.
Screening and Selection is really Screening and Elimination.
Take into consideration what the person is looking for in the position.
Be the...

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