Win tickets to The Radiators From Space


Irish Punk Legends The Radiators from Space are set to turn back the clock with a gig in Dublin’s Academy.

You can join one of Ireland's most iconic punk bands on Saturday 8th of September at the Academy in Dublin for what will surely be one of the most memorable gigs this year.

One of the most exciting developments in Irish music lately has been the re-emergence of legendary Dublin punk pioneers THE RADIATORS FROM SPACE as a recording and performing force. This regrouping, reached a new peak with the release of the band’s forth studio album "Sound City Beat". The 18-track / 54 minutes collection draws from the music of their Irish rock predecessors, artists like Eire Apparent, The Blue Aces, Thin Lizzy, Orange Machine, The Movement, Skid Row and Horslips to name but a few.

"Sound City Beat" is produced by the band's two guitarists, Pete Holidai and Philip Chevron, who describe it as both "an Irish version of Lenny Kaye's Nuggets " and "a punk equivalent of David Bowie's Pin Ups".

“It is first of all a great record-but it is more than that. It is one of the most important historical works of our time” – Sunday Independent.

In early 1977, the Radiators' debut 45 "Television Screen" was the first Top 20 punk single anywhere in the world and Bono cites the 45 as a vital moment of inspiration to the young U2. “Television Screen” was lauded by Rolling Stone magazine as the best of all the early punk singles.

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