College Life

Will We Ever Be Homeowners?

As a 22 year old, who has just finished her final year of college, moving out of my family home is not looking like an option for me anytime in the near future.

In DCU a local student accommodation Shanowen Square raised their rent for the academic year by 27%, and this is just an example of one of the many rent increases in Dublin.

Students will have to pay €9,000 for the academic year if they wish to live in the Santry residence.

In July, figures from the Central Statistics Office revealed that almost 460,000 adults over 18 still live at home. It confirms the Eurostat 2016 survey that found that almost 23% – or 1 in 4 Irish adults – over 25 are living in the family home.

We are a generation of renters. It was more common for our parents generation to buy a house at an earlier age, but now people in their early thirties are struggling to buy.

Former USI President Michael Kerrigan said “Up to €9,000 for a nine-month lease isn’t just happening in DCU it is happening across the country and there is nothing being done about it.”

For so many students, moving to Dublin to go to college is so common, and after college when it’s time to not be as reliant on your parents, the reality of staying in Dublin is not looking prosperous.

Majority of the time leaving college and going into an entry level job, will not pay the bills of living and working in Dublin.

Podge Henry Vice President for Welfare and Equality with DCU Students’ Union said “I know students who are working full-time jobs and trying to do a full-time degree as well, they are finding it stressful and difficult as it is paying this year’s rent.”

DCU students have protested against these rent hikes, and are calling on the Government to introduce rent caps for student accommodation to stop further increases.

DCU SU President Niall Behan said, “This is a national issue that allows the vulnerable to be exploited. Education is becoming unaffordable. We need legislation.”

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