College Life

The Six Phases of Final Year

Final year students are easily spotted, wandering aimlessly through the library with bags under their eyes. There was once a time you thought this strange existence would never become your reality, but here you are.

Here are the six ways you’ll know your officially a final year student.

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You started out optimistic 

It was August before you started in final year and you promised yourself you’d keep up with all your readings and you’d made a head start on thinking about your thesis. A first you said, anything less just wouldn’t be good enough. The prospect of September and finally finishing college brought on some magical inspiration in you. September was fine, there was no panic. That wasn’t to last long.

Reality sets in

It’s reading week, semester one. Your original thesis idea has been torn to shreds, you’re back to square one, all six books you borrowed from the library are overdue and you haven’t even opened them yet. You had precisely one week to get your life together and you squandered it by tricking yourself into thinking you were doing meaningful research.

Who even am I?

You hardly see your friends anymore and you spend your time living the life of a hermit and wonder if you’re even alive anymore. It’s hard to see the light over the ever-growing pile of work you should have had completed two weeks ago.


Christmas has been and gone, semester two is passing by like a high-speed Japanese train. You have precisely five weeks left to finish your thesis. By now, you have no soul and you’re prioritising your thesis over food, sleep and oxygen. Coffee once helped but you’ve drank so much of it, that it now works against you. Time is of the essence. There’s nothing that gets you moving quicker than knowing you’ll have to do it all again if you don’t finish the damn thing.

The last push 

The night before you’re having your thesis printed you’ve read over it one million times. You’re not paying 50 quid only to discover ten typos on page 32. You’re still rephrasing. Your parents are sick of hearing about it. Just ONE.MORE.DAY.


Your thesis has been handed in, exams have been sat and you don’t really care about the result. You’re happy to just sit and hope you pass and be done with it. You’re not sure why you told yourself a first would be manageable. But hey, it’s over now. So sit back, relax and give yourself a pat on the back.