College Life

The College Commuter’s Survival Guide

Ah, commuting. A simple word that can make a person feel so much dread. Don’t get me wrong, commuting to and from college is extremely cost-effective. But that does not mean that is isn’t also tiring, time-consuming and the most obvious; boring. Unfortunately, with the rising prices of the rental market, most of us don’t have much of a choice and have to take the daily commute. Having been a commuter myself for the past couple of months I have learned a few things.

First things first, If you are in it for the long haul and see yourself commuting to college for however long you are going to be studying there then there is one investment I would advise you make. Nothing gets you through that two-hour bus journey like a decent pair of headphones. Sure it’s easy and cheap to pick up a pair for a whole €5 and have it last about three to four weeks until it stops working and then you buy a new one. This can quickly turn into a vicious cycle. So, spend that little bit extra and buy some headphones that are comfortable and won’t kick the bucket after a few shorts weeks. You will be thankful for it when it makes the journey more bearable.

If you are the kind of person that can fall asleep on public transport then you are a lucky one. Commuting when you have to be in on a Monday morning for a 9 am lecture is not fun, it means being up a lot earlier than you would if you were living near campus so don’t feel embarrassed about falling asleep on the train. You deserve it and you need it if you want to be able to pay attention in college. My only advice here? Make sure you set an alarm on your phone as a precaution, there is nothing worse than waking up disoriented and then having the realisation that you have also missed your stop. Not ideal.

Commuting definitely has its advantages when it comes to exam season in college. Okay, so not everyone is able to read or concentrate when using any means of transportation but a lot can. There is nothing wrong with using this time to get some study done or to have a look over some of your notes. It is the extra time you have to get some last minute learning in while the students living on campus are still asleep in bed. Sure, it may not be the preferable choice but you need to grab any chances you have while you can.

Lastly, I understand that commuting doesn’t always mean ‘public transport’. Some use their own cars to get up and down to college. Yes, this seems like a better deal than depending on a bus to be on time or the cost of a train ticket which only goes so far and leaves you with a half hour walk or a luas ride. But car journeys on your own can be boring also and definitely not cheap.

Feel free to spread the word and maybe find someone you know that does the journey via public transport. They can pitch in for petrol and you have some company. Also, driving that early in the morning can be tiring and tedious if you hit peak traffic. Make yourself a playlist to keep you wide awake and energized, it is surprising the effect music can have.

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