Student Issues

Web summit career night: it’s not me, it’s you

When you go to a career night you expect information about different types of careers or how to get a job, or even hoping to feel a little closer to knowing what you want to do when you grow up.
I possibly came away with less idea of what I want to do, since it looks like the robots will take all the jobs anyway. 
Also the Web Summit are hiring, but there was no mention of what the jobs are like or why you would apply.
Realistically, 75% of the ‘career talk’ was not about careers at all. If you got a meal and it was only 25% what you ordered you’d send it back.
Apart from that, we had three successful young people talking about being successful young people and tech companies talking careers, but also about their gripes with Ireland.

Further discussions included how there will be driver-less cars in the future, Pixar’s Ed Catmull and the NASDAQ bell was also rung.

This sounds like it should have been interesting, but I spent a lot of the time confused. 
The night started promisingly too. Paddy Cosgrave asked everyone to stand up and then to sit down if we knew what our careers would look like in 20 years or 10 years – nobody sat down.
However, I don’t think anyone came away from the night feeling any closer to taking a seat.
Sometimes the conversation would come around to Generation Y and how different we are from other generations.
We are independent and flexible. We care about our work-life balance. We’re passionate. We are not into labeling things or getting serious with a company and maybe want to try different companies. 
Subsequently companies should be more stable and giving in the relationship, providing better benefits.
Maybe we would be willing to get involved with a company if they told us a bit more about themselves instead of trying to get us to do all the questioning.
For their part, companies want people who are well-educated, well-travelled, speak multiple languages, can code, have a keen business sense, but also follow their hearts.
Oh companies. You’re never going to get an employee with those high standards. Why not settle for a nice dependable employee like everyone else?
It was maybe worth going to the Web Summit career talk for one reason – to see Paddy Cosgrave call himself an asshole.
I’m sure Enda would agree.