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Twitter – the best dating site?

If you’ve ever used a dating site, you’ll know that the whole process can seem a little forced. You flick through profiles and analyse whether or not you would have a suitable relationship after looking at a couple of pictures and a small bio.
In some ways, it is comparable to shopping for a partner. It can be difficult to establish a common connection on dating sites.
Of course, starting a conversation is going to be challenging when you know so little about the person. Realistically, the only way to go is by commenting on the person’s appearance, or a perhaps by a stroke of luck you have noticed a hobby or interest in the person’s photos or bio.
The information we may display on our Tinder accounts is selectively filtered to make us romantically or sexually attractive. Our social media accounts are different in this sense.
While our Twitter accounts don’t necessarily display our flaws, they portray a lot more of us than a small snapshot of a dating profile.
On Twitter, we can see how this person wants to be portrayed to the world, rather than just the people they wish to impress, romantically.
We see things that make people more human, rather than a cheesy pick-up line.  Things like conversations with friends and photos of what people find most dear to them can be more attractive than carefully selected photos and a catchy bio.
By following someone, we can watch how their character may develop over time.  As well as discovering things you may love or hate about the person early on.
Say for instance, you could not go out with a person who doesn’t like dogs (you should never go out with someone who doesn’t like dogs) suddenly, you discover that the person you had your eye on is exclusively a cat person. Would you rather find that out before you meet them or half an hour before you say ‘I do.’?
That might be a slight exaggeration. However, for introverted people, social media dating is practically a godsend. Bonding over a common interest and eliminating painful small talk is a more efficient and more enjoyable way of starting a relationship.
Admittedly, there are important aspects of a person you can’t learn over social media, things like emotional maturity as well as how naturally you connect can only be deciphered in person.
However, out of all forms of internet dating, I believe social media is a great starting point.
Obviously, there are things you need to look out for such as catfishing and if you’re looking for a sustainable relationship, distance is very important.
Honestly, after surpassing the five-month mark with someone I met on Twitter, I can vouch for making your Twitter crush your full time bae.