Student Issues

Thoughts On Life After College As Told By A Final Year Student

Thinking about what to do when my degree is over is scary. It’s a lot of pressure for a young adult. Not only are we faced with final exams that determine our degree, but we also have to think about employment come June for those of us heading off on a J1, or come September, for those of us looking to enter the full-time working world.

It’s not until final year that I started to worry about what I will do come September. I mean, I’ve always had ideas of where I wanted to progress, but nothing is set in stone and there’s no official plans made. Adding to this college work and exams all makes for a very stressed out final year student.

Many students go down the route of moving abroad for work, yet I’m hopeful that there is work out here in Ireland for us thousands of students graduating this year. However if a job opportunity came up abroad, I wouldn’t hesitate to take it.

I think it’s all about staying calm and focusing on the job at hand which is actually obtaining the degree itself. If we focus too much on what comes after, we might stress ourselves out to the point where college work is being affected.

One thing I will say is that when you start college you feel like you have plenty of time until you finish, but then all of a sudden you’re just about to start second semester of your final year and suddenly it’s real, we are on the cusp of joining the workforce full-time and we are all competing for a limited supply of jobs in our chosen fields.

The choice of whether to go into further study or start working is also a really big decision which I’m currently still in the process of making. It’s not one that I feel I can make lightly. I worry if I go onto work that I may never go back and do a masters, which is something I’d always planned to do. However, I also think the break may do me good, especially if I get experience in my chosen field.

In my opinion, being a student in Ireland in 2019 does leave us with a lot of options. I think our hard work will pay off and if we work hard to find employment we will find it.

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