Student Issues

Things i miss most about secondary school

Being woken up
This might sound weird but bear with me here. When you go to college there is absolutely nothing and no one to make you get up for that 9 am lecture. 
You can kid yourself into thinking that your alarm will be enough, but the roar of your mam at 8 am will never be matched.
Class sizes
For all the complaining we did about having 30 people in our classrooms, it’s a stark difference to sit with 300 people in a lecture hall. 
It almost makes you wonder, what’s the point, no one will notice if I’m not here.
You spent years thinking it would be so great to go to college and wear whatever you wanted each day. Well, you were wrong. 
It’s not cool at all when you wake up hungover and are struggling to find a pair of pants you haven’t worn three times already this week.
Lunch time
Sure, college has way less hours (well, for me anyway) than secondary school, but you’ll miss a specified lunch time that reminds you to eat, instead of being halfway through a three hour lab and hearing the familiar growl of your stomach. 
Book prices
The days of cushy book schemes are long gone. You might realise this as you’re standing in the campus bookshop, head in hands and tearing up trying to decide if the €50 English book is truly worth it.
Photo: Ryan McGilchrist/ Flickr