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The beauty of going home for christmas

It’s that time of year again to start making lists of presents for loved ones, wrapping gifts, last minute shopping for fussy family and friends. Add in the joy of staying at home longer than a weekend, oodles of food and a break from college. It’s Christmas.

It’s the half point of the year and with it comes our decrease in tolerance. Housemates are extra annoying, exams are stressing everyone out and you just want to go home.

Sometimes a change of scenery is necessary when college becomes a bit too heavy to handle. Students want to see the comfort and familiarity of their home, where food is in abundance, pets are present and heating is an actual thing. Clothes are washed and dried magically. Somehow they end up freshly pressed on your bed in a matter of days.

Moreover, for the first time all semester, students have no worries. You can stop being an adult for a while and remember how young you really are. So stop worrying about rent, buying milk and planning meals for the week.

Christmas is an order to relax, watch television, stay in your pajamas all day and not do any sort of study. Families are on hand to ensure all of these things. It can be easy to forget what it is like to have somebody there to want the best and care for you. 

They buy you presents, cluck disapprovingly that you have become too thin for their liking and have a warm house ready for you. They provide you with support that perhaps you missed while you were away at college. Don’t forget having your beloved pet close by again. Picture sitting on the couch: sifting through wrappers in a tin of Roses. The fire is blazing, and the fluffy socks are on.

The simple things of Christmas, seeing your old friends back home and being back in the bosom of your family again. Spending Christmas Eve helping to hastily wrap gifts hastily for the next day, preparing vegetables, the smell of boiling ham and a cheesy Christmas movie on the box, again, not forgetting the heating.  Seeing your younger brothers, sisters, nieces or nephews squeal with glee at the Santa gifts that arrive Christmas Day and playing along with feigned shock and delight.

Christmas is fighting over who has the T.V. guide because you want to consider whether you will watch Shrek 2 or Frozen in the afternoon. Nobody leaves the house because there is enough food to survive a hurricane, there is no work to go to and everyone just wants to eat and watch movies. You can finally have that lie-in or lazy duvet day you dreamed of as your tired weary bones repair themselves, ready to do battle in Semester Two.

What’s rare is wonderful.

Photo: Iris/Flickr