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Parents’ Anger Over TD’s ‘Sexting’ Booklet In Schools

A parent of a 9-year-old child has expressed anger and disgust over the inclusion of a ‘sexting’ term glossary in primary schools.

The glossary, which includes acronyms for terms such as “get naked on cam” and “get your pants off”, is part of a Cyber Safety Booklet, produced by TD Alan Farrell, Chairman Children & Youth Affairs Committee.

The mother in question appeared on Liveline to express her feelings on the matter, saying that she is “absolutely appalled” that the inclusion of such content was being circulated around young children.

Mr. Farrell appeared on the talk show before Trisha and explained the booklet was in fact targeted for parents and guardians, as a way of keeping them informed of what the online world is like for their children.

The “text-talk” glossary is one page of the 20 page booklet, which covers issue from Tinder to Snapchat.

According to, the booklet cost €500 to produce.

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