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New year college resolutions

One thing we all know as students is that there is a lot more to college then just attending lectures – It’s not all fun and games you know. But New Year’s resolutions, take them or leave them, can be effective once they are realistic and achievable. Hopefully these college resolutions will push you to ensure you have a lighter and brighter 2015. 
We as students are all consumers and as we all know too well, our pockets can often become too bare too quickly. Maybe this semester exchange some of the time and money you put into the night-life your city has to offer into other things on offer in your city/college instead. Societies offer an evening of entertainment that costs a small fraction of the expense of a night out, plus you don’t have to pay the price of being completely drained come the morning time (you might even make the 9am lecture without being worse for wear).
I know we may have overdone it on the sweet luxuries of the Christmas period, but it’s time to move forward from that without regrets.  A lot of people plan to get fit and partake in exercise as part of their personal new year’s resolution, but it is important to note that your college can offer you this too. Why not take part in a sports club that’s on campus? With the wide range of activities made available to students it seems wrong of us not to make use of what’s on offer. We hear about how over-crowded the gyms can be around this time, so why not make your own exercise plan with some friends and avail of what your college has to offer you.
As you may be aware, we students are known to be creatures of habit. I think to make a resolution worthwhile and fulfilling you must be honest with yourself.  Maybe this time around, treat yourself to becoming the best student you can be. If you found that these exams crept up just a little too quickly, maybe vow that next time around you will be more prepared, even if it just means sitting down with your notes for an extra hour a week instead of watching yet another episode of your favourite series. I’m sure you would feel a little more comfortable come exam time.
Being over-ambitious is the pitfall to many New Year resolutions each year, so I say don’t fall into the trap. Take it slow to discover what you like and get yourself into some fresh habits. Just remember, whatever you did last semester is in the past and you have this clean slate to make things better for yourself. So why not take it on? Good luck!

Photo: CollegeDegrees360/ Flickr