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Internet crazes – opinion

What exactly do the inventors of the internet think when they see what people get up to?  I’m not referring to all the illegal activity which is obviously deplorable, no, I’m talking about all these internet crazes that sweep across Twitter and Facebook like a bad rash.  Whether it’s embarrassing yourself or others or even causing yourself pain, these people need psychiatric help.


If you haven’t heard about it, bear with me on this one.  The idea behind this is to go to a public place with a large bottle of milk and….pour it over your head.  No, you didn’t misread that.  This craze seems to have died out, or maybe all the participants have been grounded, or put in prison.  Who knows, or cares?


The arts of lying face down in unusual place, definitely one for the CV.  It all seemed like harmless fun as your granny would say, that was until a young Australian man died after “planking” on a balcony.  Another fad that has thankfully left us but is you’re really bored, recommends that you lie face down, onto your bed and go to sleep. 


A craze really highlighted by posh w***ers in places such as The Palace and “A gaff porty in Blackrock”.  It pays tribute to the once highly tipped and now utterly useless American football player Tim Tebow.  Next time you see someone doing this, you are legally allowed knock them over.  ( doesn’t condone violence of any kind, well maybe a little).   

Gallon Smashing

I must admit that I found some of these videos absolutely hilarious, the owners of the supermarkets, maybe aren’t as big of fans.  How bored do you have to be to go into your local shop, pick up a carton of milk and flamboyantly smash it on the floor?  I blame the school system personally. 

The Harlem Shake

This one spread like a cold at a junior disco.  Every college or football team had a video.  The song itself came out in the early ‘80s but it wasn’t until 2013 that everyone went collectively mental.  I never really understood this one, despite being unwittingly involved in one. 


This is the latest and arguably the most ludicrous of all the internet fads.  It involves videoing yourself as you fall down the stairs.  Is there any other time in history that these people would be lauded for their actions, rather than being considered mentally ill?  Have you ever thought to yourself, my bones are a little too intact for my liking and then hurled yourself down the stairs?  On top of that videoing it and putting it on the internet?  Hello future employers, I don’t really want a job.  Honestly…..

Internet crazes are not going to end, and sure it keeps people off the streets.   Honestly though, what would our ancestors think of us?  Sorry, too busy twerking or rapping Gangnam Style to hear them anyway.