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From limerick to london

October marked my fourth official month as a London resident and I have to say it’s been my favourite one so far. 
The past month found me really settle into city life and feel like I properly live here rather than being on an extended holiday. 
October took me to the West End as I saw the mesmerising Close To You at the Criterion Theatre. Close To You is a concert of Burt Bacharach’s most famous songs including What The World Needs Now Is Love, Walk On By and I Say A Little Prayer. It’s lovely, entertaining and that stage is something like you’ve never seen before.
I also went down to Southbank where I took part in The Shrek Experience. It was something I had always wanted to do. It’s so much fun and definitely one for the kids or the Shrek obsessed among us. 
A boat trip on the Thames also happened as well as a big Halloween party that left me catching up on my sleep for days afterwards.
My sister and her fiance took the trip across the water to spend a few days with me which was so much fun. It was great having them here being able to show them the new life I’m starting to make and just spend some quality time together again. 
I also got to meet up with my brother who was in the city for a couple of days and have a good catch up. I’m quite close with my family so being away from them is really tough, but those visits were just what I needed. 
Although I did turn into a blubbering mess crying on the tube after I said goodbye to my sister again!
This month had me thinking about a lot of things, in particular what I want to do in the new year – stay here or move back to Ireland?  
Ultimately, the answer has been that I’m not done with this city yet. It’s only been four months. Obviously I need to gain a lot more patience and go easy on myself. 
I’ve been extremely lucky to land such a great job and be in the position I am in. As much as I miss home every single day, I’m just not ready to go back for good yet. 
There’s a lot more this city has to offer and I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next. 
October was amazing so let’s see what the rest of November brings!
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Photo:E01/ Flickr