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Opinion Piece: Before or After Christmas - When is the Best Time For Exams?

No matter what time of the year it is, exam season is stressful, demanding, and in some cases all round traumatic period for students. The fact that they fall around Christmas time is even crueller;

Top Tips on Tackling Those Christmas Exams

The festive lights that engulf your town. The scent of cinnamon and pine trees. Michael Bublé playing on the radio. It can only mean one thing – Christmas is back. That may sound like an

Unpaid Internships: The Exploitation of Young Working Professionals

Chances are if you are working in a creative field, such as fashion, film, music or journalism, you are now expected to work for free to start your career. I am sure a lot of us student journalists

Does The Future of Journalism Lie in Subscription Services?

“The day I run into a Huffington Post reporter at a Baltimore Zoning Board hearing is the day that I will be confident that we’ve actually reached some sort of equilibrium … the next 10 or 15

The Main Challenges Facing Consent Workshops in Ireland

Consent workshops in Ireland have been introduced across Irish university campuses within the last couple of years, yet there are still mixed opinions in relation to how they are run. In general, the

Is It Possible To Save And Be A Student?

Trying to manage being a full-time college student, having a social life and working a part-time job can be seriously tough work. Having three months off for summer seems great as it gives you a