College Life

Why I Write: Orla Murnaghan

I’ve been keeping a diary for ten years. I’ve filled several notebooks with pages upon pages of illegible scrawls, night after night. It was something that grew on me gradually, shifting

Trinity Students Protesting Supplemental Exam Fees

Trinity students have shut down the University and the Book of Kells for over two hours now in response to the introduction of a €450 fee for supplemental exams. The fee, which has been confirmed

College Stress And The Danger of Burning Out

We’re almost half-way through second semester of college, which means that for many students they’re almost there. Envisioning summer is getting that little bit easier as students start

The Importance of Knowing Your Rights As A Tenant

The name of the student has been changed on request. The best thing about moving out of your family home is the freedom it entails. The majority of people who attend university tend to live on campus

IWD 2018: NWCI Launches Website to Tackle Sexual Violence and Harassment in European Third Level Institutions

Ahead of International Women’s Day, the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) launched the ‘It Stops Now’ campaign website yesterday. ‘It Stops Now’ is a European wide project that

Dealing With Unhelpful Teachers: What Do You Do?

We all have them. Those lecturers that make a 9AM even more unappealing (if that’s possible); the tutors who make you wonder how they got the job. I would be willing to bet they exist in every