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Carragher’s Spitting Incident Was a Mistake, But He deserves a Second Chance

Yes I know, it’s hard to believe. Having captained Liverpool for many years and spending his entire 17 year old career at Anfield, the retired 40-year-old James Carragher spat out at a Manchester

Poppies and Ribbons Show Sport Still Plagued By Politics and Religion

It’s often the go-to rhetoric of the governing bodies of the most popular sport on earth that sport and politics don’t mix, nor do sport and religion. However, technically that’s a slight

NUI Galway Student Aislinn Meaney Making Her Mark in The Irish National Squad

Since the start of the college year, Aislinn Meaney has made two major step ups in her life. First she moved away from home and into NUI Galway to start her college degree. Her second step up was

Dublin Juggernaut Making It Look Disturbingly Easy

If we lived in an alternate reality where the relationship between Jim Gavin and RTÉ was a tad more amicable, the Dublin manager might have been able to get his hands on footage of his side’s

State of Play – Analysing the Allianz Football League after Round 3

We’re three weeks into the 2018 Allianz Football League, and already there has been excitement aplenty. The leagues are believed by many a GAA follower to be the most entertaining time of the year

Without Silverware for Spurs, This Will Be Another Typical Year

There’s something of a conundrum occurring at Tottenham this season. The North London club has reached a cross-roads of identity, a point where they must decide in which direction they’ll go over