Christmas then and now

With the Christmas season approaching thick and fast, if you’re anything like me you are probably thinking of how much better this time of year was when you were young. Unfortunately getting older means some of the fun is taken out of Christmas time, but maybe you can appreciate the meaning of Christmas a bit more (or not, whatever). With the decorating of shops well and truly underway, I began to think of the ways Christmas has changed as I enter my 20’s.
1. Christmas morning.
Then – The sheer excitement of waking up at 6am to see those presents sitting under the tree. It’s just one of those things everyone does as a kid. The sigh of relief that Santa had actually came, after spending the last two months living in fear you would end up with a bag of coal.
Now – Every year I find myself waking up later and later on Christmas morning. Early mornings and late nights take their toll on you and any excuse to sleep in, is well… taken. If you are someone who has young brothers or sisters you probably won’t have this problem or, if you’re like me and your mum decides to not let you sleep past 9:30am then you won’t know what it’s like either.
2. Socks.
Then – The absolute devastation when you received a pair of socks as a present, usually from an older person who “doesn’t know what the kids these days are into”. They were usually fluffy or really thick, never ever anything cool that is if there is such a thing as cool socks.
Now – Let me tell you now if I get socks for Christmas this year it will be like finding gold. The older you get the more you realise that socks just seem to stand up and walk away. Some advice – you can never, ever have too many socks!
3. Unwrapping your presents.
Then – I’m sure we can all relate to sitting in front of the Christmas tree absolutely surrounded by bits of wrapping paper. Mauling the paper to shreds to get to the present underneath is something we all know too well.
Now – If there is anything my nanny has thought me over the years, it’s how to get four Christmases from just a scrap of wrapping paper. Gently peeling it off so you can iron it and keep it for the following year. Very economical altogether.
4. The Christmas wish list.
Then – If you didn’t start writing it in early September there was no hope Santy was getting it. Having it written, sent and then (panic!) – needing to change it after the toy show. Of course, the lengthy speech about how good you were all year and sending you love to the reindeer also had to be included.
Now – Buying yourself that little something that’s really nice because you can totally justify it by wrapping it up and sticking a “from Santa” tag to it. We know what you’re up to but go on, you deserve it!
5. Ugly Christmas Jumpers.
Then – The embarrassment of being seen in possibly the worst Christmas jumper your mother could find or (god forbid) even knit if you were very unfortunate. Let’s be honest aside from being the worst they could possibly be they were itchy, too warm and well… just horrible.
Now – Every high street shop you walk into seems to have some version of the horrible Christmas jumper. Not just any Christmas jumper will do, oh no it needs to be the ugliest, most disgusting one you can find so you can put post the pictures to social media about how “vintage” your Christmas jumper is. After all, ugly is the new cool!
Christmas is amazing. Everything has twinkly lights, cute decorations and it’s the most wonderful time of year. Things do change as you grow up, but the absolute love most of us have for the festive period is probably never going to go away. For example, you’re never too old to snuggle up beside the tree and watch “Elf” or “The Grinch”. Oh, and don’t forget the hot chocolate!