8 Things That Will Definitely Happen On Tonight’s Toy Show

Ah, the first weekend of December. The weekend where the whole country breathe a sigh of relief that the festive season is coming because for Irish people that can mean only one thing – The Late Late Toy Show.

A time-honoured tradition and a household memory for many, the Late Late Toy Show is what we wanted to stay up late to watch when we were young, and what we wouldn’t dare to miss when we’re older. Think of the tweet potential…

From dodgy Christmas jumpers and to cringey karaoke, these are all elements that seem strange to outsider but glorious to those that understand that cringe is the very nature of the Toy Show.

So ahead of tonight’s show, I thought I’d put together a little check list to make sure that tonight’s Toy Show lives up to our expectations:

​1. Ryan will sing a dodgy song

​Last year, Tubs joined in with the opening song singing/talking a few lines here and there. Now to be fair to him, he wasn’t half bad! But I don’t think anyone can watch one of the nation’s biggest TV presenters sing a Disney song without collapsing into the giggles.

​2. The audience will be a sea of festivity

​The usual contenders are Christmas jumpers, tinsel, Christmas hats – so keep an eye out for anything new or unusual!

​3. A toy will break

​Every year. Without fail. The doll won’t do what it’s supposed to or a bit will fall of the machine or God knows what else. But it’s all part of the charm, eh?

​4. Ryan will make a joke that will go over the kids heads

He brings so much enery to the show that the kids can barely keep up with him. Watch in delight as he runs around and talk a mile a minute – including some jokes that are just for the adults.

​5. There will be one for everyone in the audience!

​Because if we’re being honest with ourselves, that’s the real ​reason why we want to go to the Late Late Toy show, isn’t it? The deadly free stuff. Over the years the audience has bagged mobile phones, hampers, vouchers and toys galore.

​6. A kid will be surprised with their idol

Whether it’s Evelyn off the Weather or Ed Sheeran, someone will have their life-long dreams realised when their hero walks onto the set. My personal favourite was Robbie Keane’s super-fan who couldn’t even speak to him. The poor fella.

​7. There will be musical numbers galore

​Cheesy stage schools, traditional trad bands and wannabe rock-stars. They’ll all be found tonight.

​8. A child will try throw something at Ryan

​Last but not least, someone will try something at Ryan. Last year it was food, who knows what it will be this year? Ryan better be ready.

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