5 essential pre-gym steps

So the January gym rush has eased off. The weak have been left behind and those that remain are a powerhouse core of strong-willed individuals. According to our research, can announce a breakthrough in the strict science behind making it to February, membership intact. The following steps are the result of these groundbreaking results, and reveal the five essential steps to a successful new year, new you:
1) Dress for success
If your only goal is to look good, we’ve found that if you buy cute gym clothes, you can go right ahead and just skip the exercising part. If for whatever reason, you’re still determined to go, be sure to deliberate over your outfit anyway. Not only is it a great way to delay the painful process but… actually no, that’s it.
2) Let everyone know what you’re doing
According to experts it takes a minimum of four weeks to see the effects of exercise. Why wait that long for people to realise you live a strong, healthy and desirable lifestyle? We suggest a solid mirror selfie for Snapchat or an inspirational copyrighted picture for Instagram to show off immediate results. “Just back from my morning jog! #exercise #fitfam #87k” should do the trick.
3) Create a playlist
It is widely understood that the absolute, single factor to exercising is good music. Nothing gets the blood running through your veins like the familiar intro of ‘Eye of the Tiger’. Be sure to take your time listening to each and every song on your iPod and really feel if it makes you want to move or not. To take it one step further, Google ‘best running songs’ and spend another hour finding your groove. Feel free to waste more time watching unrelated videos on YouTube; anything that increases your positive mood, meaning less time spent in the gym.
4) Eat something, anything
Walk into your kitchen and try to understand how hungry your body is. You have two choices here: don’t eat at all and suffer from a cramp or, eat and want to throw up. Never skip to the inevitable of drinking a pre-workout shake and walking out the door. Exercise is all about the body and you really want to be sure you understand yours.
5) Ask yourself: do I really want to do this?
Sit at your front window and have a look outside. Look at the weather, will you like it outside? Check your Snapchat and refresh, but only twice. Realistically, do you have time to gym, shower, socialise and do college work? Before you head out make sure that gymming is definitely a practical use of your time.