10 things you can do to avoid studying

Let’s face it, there are so many better things you could be doing with your time than studying. Even when you have a horrifically low CA glaring you in the face, there is always something more worthwhile, better and frankly, more productive to do than actually learning those irregular verbs.
If you’re sick of procrastinating the usual way like tidying your room or making a study plan (been there, done that), then take heed of these new ideas:
No, no, I mean really study. The important things. So close that Geography book that you were using as a plate, it’s time to educate yourself. There is so much in the world to see, so why not spend some time learning about the biggest conspiracy theories of the Western World? Or how to train your cat to speak? Sure, it may seem daunting at first, but I guarantee you will feel the benefits afterward.
2. Arrange your funeral.
Bit morbid, but hey-ho, we all gotta go. It’s probably become clear to you that your exams will be the death of you anyway, so it’s time to prepare and make sure your final outfit is one that will leave you on point, for eternity.
3. Sieve some flour.
Save yourself some time for when you bake a cake in 5 years’ time. Get the ‘aul sieve out and sieve the flour in the press. Bonus points if you do plain AND self-raising!
4. Make a budget.
No, not for you! Don’t be so selfish. Use this time for some greater good, make one for the country! God knows we need one …
5. Start a series.
Go one step further than all those mainstream procrastinators, and create your own series. Recruit your friends for a bigger cast and to reduce the class average.
6. Go on the hunt. If you’re a girl like me, you’ve probably lost your fair share of hair clips. If we lost one a week for all our lives … that’s too much maths but I’m pretty sure that’s a lot
of clips. Now is the perfect chance to retrace your steps and find all those missing clips! Your hun bun will thank me later.
7. Call a distant relative.
t’s probably been a while since you talked to your Mam’s cousin’s niece down the country. It might be nice to give her a call and catch up with her, and see what you’ve missed over the last 15 years.
8. Spend your Communion money.
Think of all the interest it’s probably generated from that fateful day … think of all you could buy! What are you waiting for?
9. Take out the bins.
But don’t just dump them at the side of the road, leave them there gently. Wait for the bin-men to come around. Talk to them. Make a friend, and then return the bin to garden. It’s not hard to be respectful, is it?
10. Emigrate.
If you’ve made it through the list, why not a change of scenery? Move abroad, and only come back for the repeats! … Maybe.