Usi hold showdown talks with government ahead of budget

USI President, Kevin Donoghue, and the opportunity to voice the concerns of students in Ireland by highlighting how many people still cannot find or afford accommodation in the Dublin area, with rent costs on the up.
This has led to an increase in students commuting from home to college every day to attend lectures.
Mr Donoghue criticised the cost of college fees and is calling on the government to set aside more money in the upcoming for student grants and to tackle the housing crisis.
“The cost of college is €11,000 per year, which means that college courses can cost between €33,000 and €77,000. 
“We are calling on the government to raise grants, reduce the registration fee of €3,000 and address the student accommodation crisis.”
An increase in the number of students sitting the Leaving Cert has seen a higher number of people applying for college courses, particularly in the Dublin area.
There is also 40% less housing available to students compared to last year’s figures according to the USI which has led to the rise in the cost of rent by 8.2 % in the past twelve months.
One student is Paraic Knowles who attends Marino who is living more than a half an hour from his college.
“It’s certainly not and ideal location, but when you see other people commuting from places as far away as Navan, It makes me appreciate the convenience of having my own place to stay a lot more.”
In the meantime the USI is has put in place a short term solution to the accommodation crisis by launching the, “Homes for Study” campaign.
This campaign encourages home owners to rent out any spare rooms they have to students in an attempt to reduce the number of people still searching for accommodation.