Trump’s travel ban

When I think of travel, I’m lucky enough to have the freedom to go wherever I please. As an Irish citizen I can move freely within Europe, as a college student I can go to America and work for the summer by obtaining a J1 visa, likewise I can go to Australia on a working holiday or travel throughout Asia, Africa and South America.
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for students like myself living in parts of the world that the American President Donald Trump has a bias towards. Students who are studying at University like all of us and want to travel and experience different cultures now can’t because of President Trump’s ‘Border Control Policies’. Within his first week in office, he managed to pull America into a dark hole. We cannot forget that it was only a hundred years ago when discrimination of this level was still present, and the strides made by his predecessors towards a more open and equal society have been ruined. In a time where terrorist attacks and paranoia are norms, President Trump is capitalising on the American psyche and its ability to turn fear into a monster of its own. In doing so he has managed to win one of the most controversial elections this generation has ever seen, going from businessman to leader of the United States of America overnight.
His border control policies are a disgrace; the great wall he wants to build is not going to stop the drug cartels, the terrorist groups, or crime from stepping foot on U.S soil. Also, his travel ban on citizens from several Muslim countries entering the U.S has been one of the darkest days of 2017.
I for one am against his executive orders. We are the generation that grew up in a safer and more inclusive society than our ancestors. We have grown up with role models who have challenged bigots like President Trump in the past. We have seen our fair share of heartache and loss in light of the most recent terrorist attacks that are sweeping our cities. We have never experienced such dark times as now.
There was hope in the Obama administration, but all the good that he did is being washed away by Trump. Politics is an experiment in human nature; we cannot help but repeat our mistakes over and over again, until we stop and make a different choice thus breaking the vicious cycle. We made strides, and now we are taking steps back by allowing Trump the access to nuclear codes and the funds that should be spent on education and healthcare. Look at the White House website if you don’t believe me; under issues, Trump has left out healthcare and education, yet foreign policy, trade, jobs, the military and energy take top billing. It’s wrong to close off the borders, we need solidarity, we need to give opportunities to our youth, we can’t discriminate and furthermore we can’t stand by while a puppet such as Trump tries to derail our progress for his own twisted vendetta against others. Is this what we have come down to, turning on one another because a man in a baggy suit and long red tie told us to?