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Fake news & setting the agenda. Who is to blame?

An FBI agent investigating Secretary Clinton’s email leaks has been found dead in his apartment suspected of a murder-suicide. That’s according to the Denver Guardian; a website created for the

Evaluating Paddy Jackson's Rugby Future

One of the most well-documented court cases in Ireland’s history was concluded last Wednesday, when Paddy Jackson, Stuart Olding, Blane McIlroy and Rory Harrison were found not guilty of

Latte Levy: A Necessary Measure?

Many people can’t survive without their morning cup of coffee. Many people also buy this cup of coffee on the go, instead of making it at home and bringing it into work with them in a reusable mug.

European Court Rejects Torture Claims of 'Hooded Men'

We called it the Troubles, a nondescript term to describe the violence and civil unrest that pervaded in 1970s Ireland. As riots, gunshots, interrogation, and interment remained a daily occurrence

Repeat Examination Fees – A Motivator to study or a Means to an End?

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) students have today begun their third day of protests against the decision to introduce a €450 charge for students who fail an examination and have to re-sit. Vice

US Gun Violence - Where We Stand

It has been one month since the fatal mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. The debate over gun control is in the public eye like it always is every time after a massacre, but the issue is deeper than