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Five Tips For Procrastinators Before Exam Time

After all the fun and games, the time of the semester we all dread comes along – exams.

The time of the semester has come when you are probably sweating from the amount of readings and assignments you have due.

Well fear not, my dear friends, for here are a few simple tips on how to organise your life just in time for the exams that are heading in your direction.

1. Write out a plan.

It seems like the simplest thing in the world to write out a list of the tasks you have to complete, but that’s because it is simple – and it actually works.

At first the list of assignments may seem daunting and may make you want to book plane tickets to the other side of the world to a remote island. But after the initial shock of how much your procrastination has taken over your course work, the list will help you put your college academic life back on track.

Write out a list from the most to least essential and tick it off as you go. Your self- confidence will slowly be re-stored, and the workload will decrease bit by bit.

2. Set up a reward system.

If you are one of those people that hates doing readings for your assignments, a tip to get through it is to set up a self- reward system.

This can be from being able to have a packet of your favourite goodies after you complete a chapter of your book, to being able to have a nice cup of tea and biscuits for a break.

3. Wake up early.

I know there will be some procrastinators reading this article, and for those of you who are not morning people then this won’t be an easy message to consume.

Waking up early in the weekends and doing the readings for your exams and course work is a lot more productive than binge watching a new series on Netflix to supress the stress of exams.

We have all been there, but it won’t decrease the pile of books in your room you haven’t opened yet.

4. Find old exam papers.

Predicting exams is a lot easier when you can see what questions your lectures have asked in previous years. Find out where the past papers are archived in your college and surely one of the lovely librarians will help you on this quest to study smart, not hard.

5. Have an outlet for stress.

Don’t go into panic mode and stress yourself out. You may have a lot to do, but you still have two to three weeks to buckle down and do this.

Don’t make your life all about studying either, otherwise your brain may turn to mush and you may actually book them tickets to that remote island.

Make time for yourself whether its going to the gym, meditating, watching your favourite show or even meeting up with your friends for lunch, because no matter how important exams are, your mental health is important too. Once exams are over, you have the whole summer to sit back, relax and enjoy the one week a year we get of some fun in the sun.

Good luck to everyone!

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