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Drinking Tea Has One Very Useful Benefit

It’s a common household drink all around Ireland, but now, we have even more reason to love tea.

Not that we need a reason to drink several cups of day, but according to Metro, drinking tea could make you more creative. Who knew?

They report that the folks over at Peking University conducted an experiment with students which required them to create a design with building blocks, and the name of a new ramen restaurant.

Although those two tests may not seem that telling, the students who had drank a half cup of black tea prior to the tests scored more points and came up with more ideas, versus the students who had drank a glass of water.

The scientists believe this has something to do with the caffeine and theanine in tea, which can boost our mood and our cognitive skills.

While the sample size of said experiment was a little on the small side, we like the sound of these results.

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