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USI cuts ties with Catholic agency

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has cut its ties with the Catholic crises pregnancy support group, Cura.


In a statement published to their website, the union said it was disassociating from Cura because the Catholic organisation did not provide full support for women. USI said that they won’t be using Cura in any of their material on sexual health.


According to Cura’s website, the organisation was founded in 1977 and bases its code of ethics on the teachings of Christ. The organisation offers face to face counselling and a national helpline.


USI’s president Michael Kerrigan said Cura provides only two options during pregnancy, and do not provide any information on abortion or contact details for abortion clinics.


“Cura only provides two options during pregnancy counselling, which can cause unnecessary pressure and lack of knowledge for people to make an informed choice about what to do in an unplanned pregnancy,” said Michael Kerrigan.


USI says they will be ending their association with Cura until the agency, “faces the reality that abortions happen in Ireland, and that people need support here at home before, during and after an abortion.”


While the organisation does not offer advice on abortions, it does offer counselling for both men and women after an abortion.