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Ul students love lidl, 40% have considered dropping out

The National Student Survey has found that students at the University of Limerick favour cheaper supermarket brands Lidl and Aldi and phone network Vodafone.

The nationwide survey of over 4500 students conducted by, found that almost 60 per cent (58%) of UL students do the majority of their shopping in Lidl and Aldi. Similarly, Vodafone proved the most popular phone network within the university, with 31% of students claiming to be Vodafone customers and 48 Hours and Meteor tied on 18% of the share of students at the college.

Aside from their favourite brands, the survey showed that 40% of students in the university had either considered or dropped out of their course. Amongst the most common reasons for dropping out given were “didn’t like my course” (20%), stress (8%), financial reasons (5%) and mental health (4%).

In terms of diversity, the National Student Survey also found British, German and Americans ranking the highest each at 1% of the 5% of students from outside Ireland at the college.

Almost half live in student residence (45%) and 36 per cent rent their accommodation while attending university. Almost a third (28%) avail of a student grant, with only 40% relying on their parents for financial support.

Interestingly, the rate of people who identify their sexual orientation as something other than heterosexual at UL was 5% lower than the national average found in the survey (89%).  Of those surveyed, only 3% answered homosexual, 2% bisexual, 0.5% asexual, and 0.5% “questioning”.

Similar to statistics from University College Cork, rates of students who said that they have tried drugs were higher than the national average found in the survey, and only a third (32%) said that they had never been offered drugs.

Regarding sexual health, almost a fifth (19%) of students at UL said that they are not sexually active, a quarter saying that they have had one sexual partner, and almost a third (31%) listing their number of sexual partners as 2-5. Only 16% of students at the college have had an STI test and only around 0.5% said that they did not use any form of contraception, which is 2.5% lower than the national average found in the survey. The most popular forms of contraception were condoms (50%), the contraceptive pill (28%) and the contraceptive implant (2%).

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