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UCD Receives Funding For New STEM Project

UCD has announced that three STEM out-reach programmes have received funding from Science Foundation Ireland.

The projects, which are part of SFI’s Discover programme, are set to receive €200,000 to implement in DEIS schools around the country.

Maths Sparks is a series of classes that are designed to expand and increase thinking and knowledge of maths of fourth and fifth-year students in DEIS schools.

The DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in School) schools will benefit from the project which hopes to aim to encourage appreciation and passion for STEM subjects.

Another project part of the Discover programme which has also received funding is The Science Apprentice Series.

This project has a slightly lower demographic, of students aged 7-12 years old, which is set to produce and distribute four books on scientific discovery with the Irish Independent.

The books will feature and show careers in STEM in universities, colleges and enterprise according to the UCD website. 

€4.4 million has been allocated to 41 projects which hopes to engage and create a new generation of scientifically-inclined students.

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