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UCD Leading The Way In Postgraduate Research Enrolments

In a report released by the Higher Education Authority today, it was shown that UCD holds the highest number of postgraduate researches.

The HEA released a fact-sheet today which showed the number of researchers for each university, and UCD came out on top with 1,742 compared to 437 in Maynooth University.

The research was conducted by the HEA over the last five years, which also showed that the number of students undertaking a postgraduate research post has stayed relatively constant, remaining in between 9500 – 9800 students.

Natural sciences and maths lead the way with the highest number of postgraduate graduates, followed by health and welfare, and engineering and construction.

Notably, research enrolments have a very small gender disparity, as the posts are divided equally between male and female.

It was also revealed that 67% of PhD graduates find work in Ireland.

You can read more of the findings here.

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