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Ucc announces 7th journalism conference

University College Cork (UCC) has announced that its 7th annual Journalism Conference will be taking place this Thursday 12th February. It will be hosted by the UCC Journalism and Media Society in the Devere Hall and will run from 9am to 3pm.

There are to be two panels at the event, with the first focusing on bias across the media landscape. A number of biases will be covered by the panel, with gender and political among them.

There are several speakers travelling to UCC for the event, such as Irish Independent News Editor Kevin Doyle, Fianna Fáil Party leader Micheál Martin and Irish journalist of the year Michael Clifford.

Meanwhile the second panel will centre around mental health and how it is covered in the media, as well as the lack of coverage it receives. Speakers for this include Irish Independent Health and Lifestyle Editor Yvonne Hogan, the late Dónal Walsh’s mother Elma and Cavan footballer Alan O’Mara.

The conference is described as a, “must attend event for those interested in, working in, and studying journalism and media.”

Previous years have seen the conference host panels on topics such as the death of the newspaper to reporting in conflict zones and also the role of feminism in journalism.

The conference’s convener, Dion Davis, spoke last week about how he is, “delighted to have such established speakers discussing key issues in the media today.”

“The UCC Journalism and Media Society has a strong tradition of preparing students for careers in media and we hope that students and others alike will take the opportunity to engage in these debates on core issues in today’s media landscape,” he added.

Admission is €5 for students and €7 for others. Early bird tickets are available for €3, while group offers are also possible.

Tickets are on sale throughout the week on UCC campus, but they can also be reserved online through emailing

Photo: UCC Journalism Society/ Facebook