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Ucc and cit top trumps at third level

University College Cork is one of Ireland’s biggest third level institutions with 119 Undergrad courses, 232 Postgrad courses and nearly 19,000 students. With top of the line facilities and resources, UCC is also involved in groundbreaking international research in the areas of science, medicine and engineering. 
While being named top University in the country more times than any other (Put that in your pipe, Trinity!) it’s also in the top 100 Universities in the world!
As a UCC student I can tell first hand of the fantastic student resources and opportunities the college has to offer. There are 60 clubs, including GAA, rugby, hockey, snowsports, kayaking, archery and many others to suit everybody.
The societies cover everything.. I mean everything. From Science Soc to Knitting, hot beverages to LGBT. Gaelic. Medieval. Sámh. Cancer. Animal welfare. I could be here all day listing them out! The point is that there’s something to suit every interest between the clubs and societies and everybody should really get involved in their college years.
Students also have the opportunity for international study and exchange programs. UCC is part of the Erasmus program which links the colleges and universities across Europe for academic exchange in many courses. There’s also links further afield in the US, Asia, and Australia.
UCC is a spearhead in international research and co-operates with other Universities across Europe and the world. With €80 million in research funding per year, there is plenty of opportunity for postgrad research if that tickles your fancy.
While UCC got voted University of the year, neighbouring CIT was voted Institute of Technology of the year. Maybe this will be a momentous occasion where the age-old rivalry between UCC and CIT will finally settle down and we can all be friends…. I give it a week!