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TU Dublin Blanchardstown Vodafone X is coming for you!

Students of TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus, do you like free coffee? Fancy a free power bank? Are you a sucker for a good deal? If so, you’re in for a treat! We’ve teamed up with Vodafone X to take over the TU Blanchardstown Plaza this Tuesday the 12th of March from 1pm.

Let’s face it, long college days can be draining; we’re looking at you unnecessary two-hour lectures! But fear not, Vodafone X’s Recharge Station is rolling up to campus to recharge your batteries (literally and metaphorically!).

We will be giving away one hundred free coffees and power banks to the first one hundred people with thanks to Vodafone X.

“It can’t be that simple; there must be a catch!” we hear you cry. But we can assure you there’s no catch, just free energising treats and a super offer. Vodafone X is a special phone plan for 18–24 year olds, and when you switch to the network, you get a whopping 20GB of 4G data, loads of great extras to choose from like free Sky Sports, Spotify or Unlimited weekends, as well as affordable deals on phones. What’s more, you also get one hundred any network minutes and unlimited texts.

TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus, we will see you at The Plaza on Tuesday!

For more information on Vodafone X, check out their website.