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Trinity su president defeats referendum

Trinity College students were faced with the question, “Do you support the removal of the current SU President from Office?” With 1,693 students voting No, it won by a margin of 62% compared to the Yes sides margin of 38%.

Speaking to, Mr Lenihan said, “While I am very happy with this result, I have a lot to catch up for to make sure that I am fulfilling my manifesto promises that the students have elected me for.”

While further adding, “I am eager to get back into my role as President and to continue with the hard work that my team and I have been doing so far.”

However, with only a mere 2,730 valid votes being cast, the referendum and the subsequent campaigns for either side have been subject to question.

Trinity’s Students Union announced the result late last Friday night and Mr. Lenihan has since returned from his leave of absence and taken up his position once again.

Mr Lenihan admitted earlier this year to bringing a note into an exam and took a leave of absence from his role as Student Union President.

He apologised for his behaviour at the time and following a meeting with a disciplinary board, he was forced to repeat his exam. 

Mr Lenihan expressed his sincere thanks to the Trinity student body and all of those who supported the NO Campaign, ““I am still humbled by the amount of students that stuck by me. James Ringland, my campaign manager, was outstanding and my friends have been extremely supportive, something that I am forever grateful for.”