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The 6 Different Types of Irish Snowfall

If you’ve looked out your window today, you might have witnessed a rare sighting in Ireland: snow.

Yes that’s right, it’s snowing. Met Éireann have issued weather warnings for several counties of our Emerald Isle as the country is awaiting the arrival of Storm Brian.

Storm Brian seems a little friendlier than Storm Ophelia – even if he is bringing his frostiness a little past the festive season. It is for this reason that many people are checking their windows on the look out for a nice, snow-fall. Because in Ireland, you can get any of the following when you are promised snow:

1. The “I need a kettle to defrost my car” Snow

You heard the news, checked the weather app twice and all signs were positive: snow was on its way. When instead all you get is a frosted road and a missed lecture because your car took too long to defrost.

2. The “I think I saw some!” Snow

You saw the endless pictures of snow in the other half of the country, so it’s only right that you saw some in your own back-garden. Or so you tell yourself.

3. The “Well this is just rain” Snow

Even though it may look like snow, and fall like snow, it’s really just rain. Again.

4. The “I can’t believe it’s melted already” Snow

You went upstairs for one second to get your scarf and lo and behold, the sun decides to show its face and melt everything in its gaze. Rude.

5. The “Slude? Snow? Who can tell” Snow

Look, it’s cold, wet and a sort of dirty-grey colour. It may not be your typical snow, but we take what we can get.

6. The “The whole country is on lock-down” Snow

And then on the other end of the scale is the insane snow that blocks roads, shuts schools down and collectively closes the country for a day or two. Bliss.

In all seriousness, if you are living in one of the areas with a weather warning, mind yourself and your neighbours tonight.

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