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Students thrash iadt su hub

Earlier this week the IADT Student Union declared The Chapel closed due to students leaving a massive amount of rubbish within it.
Several incidents over the past few weeks has left The Chapel in a “disgraceful” condition, even after a number of warnings from the SU.
IADT student union president Jade Hogan commented on the closure as a final attempt to get to the students to clean up after themselves.
Jokingly they posted on their Facebook page that it was “a toxic environment “
However jokes aside Ms Hogan wanted to make clear that it was a “public space” for students and that the union and hired cleaners are not there to clean up personal rubbish.
Several students have enquired about cleaning up The Chapel so that it could be reopened but the union insist that it will remain closed until the end of the week.
This week-long closure is to make a point to the people who have been leaving the mess which is as severe as literal bags of rubbish, that it is a public space that needs to be respected by the students themselves, according to Ms Hogan.
She said that students looking to clean up the space were showing great initiative but were unlikely to have made the initial mess.
Some students have question the closure, insisting that there are no bins in the area, however, can confirm that there are.
Suggestions have been made by students to impose a ban on canteen food inside the chapel.
The Chapel is the only social area for IADT students, leaving hundreds of students in the lurch.
Ms Hogan hopes that this closure will make the point that The Chapel is a privilege for students and not an area to throw your rubbish in.
The Chapel will be re-opened on Monday.