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Student slingshot goes second level

The Student Slingshot team have been working hard behind the scenes since their successful networking event last November, and yesterday launched their brand new initiative Student Slingshot Academy.
The Academy has been designed solely to provide Transition Year students with an alternative approach to education than is afforded to them in a typical school environment. Interactive sessions will be hosted by third level students, alongside leading industry professionals, to inspire Ireland’s bright young minds and to offer them an alternative outlook on their education.
Student Slingshot founder Patrick Guiney describes the objective of the academy as ensuring, “that [TY] students pick the right course, learn a new skill and bring their focus back to what they want to do, not what the CAO dictates.” 
The new iniative was launched at the Academy’s Filmbase in Temple Bar and saw representatives from,, Irish Second Level Students Union and the Digital Youth Council in attendance, as each has backed the academy as a positive step in second level education. The effects of which may be felt in the number of Leaving cert students choosing the right course for them in two years.
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Oisin McKenna, staff writer at believes that the real strength of the academy is that it, “offers real life insight for students.” Whilst Harry McKenna, founder of the Digital Youth Council, who is currently in TY himself, sees the academy as “the perfect opportunity” for students to become more proactive about their education rather than simply, “waiting for the education system to take them along.”
The coming months will provide great excitement not only for Ireland’s TY population, but for the Slingshot team who will finally see their dream come to fruition. The academy will debut on the March 15th, and run on a monthly basis. 
Applications are now open for Transition Year students so if you have a younger sibling do direct them to the Student Slingshot website.