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Soc spot: dcu’s top niche socs

You have your MPS, your Drama and your Music. All stalemates in DCU society life and big names on campus. But what about the ones on the other end of the spectrum, with not as many members but just as much heart?

Harry Potter Society

UCC may look like Hogwarts, but DCU surely has the next best thing. On your first day with the society you can enter your own Banqueting Hall (whichever room of the Henry Grattan the committee managed to book) and be sorted into your own Hogwarts house by Sorting Hat. The society even hosts the DCU Dementors, who compete in the annual All Ireland Quidditch tournament.

Tea Society

Lectures from 9am to 6pm are tough. One must blow off steam after spending all day in the labs trying not to blow the place up. Some head to the NuBar and down a can of Jack Slattery’s and a plate of goujons. Others take a more serene option and join in the weekly tea drinking sessions set up by TeaSoc. As well as the familiar Lyons and Barry’s, you can also sample some of the finest offerings from India, China and Japan.

Friends Society

No, not a society dedicated to finding someone to sit beside in lectures – instead, this society worships the cult 90s sitcom. The events already hosted by the society this year include an ice and cup party (remember the time Pheobe was asked cater for these at the party?) and a cat-themed Open Mic Night with Music Soc.

Book Society

Sometimes, academic reading is the only thing on a student’s reading list. Not the members of Book Society, who host their own book clubs to encourage students to look beyond the offerings of the library.

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