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The video, entitled #RingYourGranny, was released yesterday and gives both perspectives on the upcoming vote, with some grandparents unsure as to whether they could vote for marriage equality, and also believing that their friends would be voting against it. 

One grandmother said:

“My age group wouldn’t vote in favour of that at all.”

However, others were supportive of their children and grandchildren, insisting they vote yes, all in all, providing an indicative perspective of the differring opinions between generations, with the younger generation of voters looking set to vote overwhelmingly in favour of equality.

Within the video, one father firmly backed his son:

“And when it’s your turn, I will walk proudly and stand beside you whether it’s a church or registry office or wherever the hell it is. I will stand proudly beside you.”

TCDSU President Domhnall McGlacken-Byrne insisted that starting the conversation is imperative:

“This video aims to do something that we rarely do in Ireland – open up the conversation around an issue. Here in Trinity, and in other colleges around Ireland, we’re all probably voting yes for marriage equality, but our families might not be.”

The video, is part of TCDSU’s wider voter registration campaign, which managed to register 3,100 students in Trinity in November. TCDSU are setting their sights high, and hope to register another 1,000 before registration closes on April 29th.


The video can be seen below: 

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