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Refugee solidarity group plan major collection of sleeping bags and tents at electric picnic

The Cork Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity group are set to bring a convoy of aid from all over Ireland to Calias on September 30th, and are set to stay for a week volunteering in the camp.
The group, which now has dozens of branches nationwide, are looking for people to donate sleeping bags and men’s clothes, among other things.
“We are looking for donations of sleeping bags, tents, men’s clothes, shoes, medical supplies etc from businesses and the general public,” a representative from the group explained. 
During this time, the group have planned a huge collection of sleeping bags and tents at Electric Picnic on Monday morning.
Speaking of their upcoming trip to Calias, the group also added that people can donate to their free online fundraising site.
“We hope to have a nice sum of money, so donating money would be the best way for people to help us and we can make a refugee’s life a little more bearable. We have a free online fundraising site and money can be sent to:”
A full list of items that the Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity Group are hoping to collect can be found below:
  • Tarpaulin
  • Heavy duty rubbish bags
  • Tents: 4 person + 
  • Blankets and sleeping bags
  • Men’s clothes: specifically, small to medium to sized warm clothes. Shoes, runners 
  • Candles, torches
  • Men’s toiletries, 2 options:
  • Option 1: Men’s toiletry bag to include; tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, 2 razors, 1 can shaving foam and a pack of tissues in a medium sized durable bag
  • Option 2: Any 1 of the above items boxed separately and labelled
  • Tools for fixing bikes, pumps, puncture repair kits
Excess items will be distributed to Kos/Hungary and the Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity Group will work with aid agencies on the ground in those areas.
For more information about any fundraising and collection events, you can visit the Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity Group Facebook page.