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One in Four Women Experiencing Unwanted Groping at 3rd Level, Say Womens Council

On Thursday the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) launched its #ItStopsNow campaign video.

The campaign aims to highlight sexual violence and harassment against 3rd-level students.

According to NWCI, 31% of female students in Ireland have reported feeling harassed in their current educational institution. NWCI also reported that one in four experienced unwanted physical groping.

As part of the campaign, posters and stickers will be displayed in 3rd level institutes across Ireland. Staff training, outreach and institutional resources are also to be rolled out over the coming months.

The campaign is part of a larger project, Ending Sexual Harassment and Violence in Third-Level Education (ESHTE) which is informed by research across the EU.

#ItStopsNow is calling for collective action that would ensure the safety, equality and full participation of students across the island.

“The ‘It Stops Now’ campaign envisions a future where women students do not have to contend with sexual harassment and violence.” said Director of NWCI, Orla O’Connor.

Campaign co-ordinator Tara Brown said “The highest risk factor in experiencing sexual violence is simply being a woman.

In Europe, women and girls represent 8 out of 10 victims of sexual assault. This is particularly prevalent amongst women aged 18 – 25.  ‘It Stops Now’ builds on the momentum of movements like #MeToo by empowering students to lead change by ending victim-blaming attitudes, believing and supporting survivors, challenging toxic behaviours, and understanding and ensuring genuine consent”.

You can watch the #ItStopsNow video below.

For support and information related to rape and sexual violence, contact the Rape Crises Centre National 24-Hour Helpline: 1 800 778 888