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Nuig student union to give out free tampons during equality week

As part of their Equality Week, NUIG’s Student Union will be distributing tampons and sainitary pads to students this week. According to the SU, women’s sanitary products are 23% more expensive in Ireland than in the UK, which of course affects students who are broke at the best of times.

As part of Equality Week, NUIG will also host a number of speakers to talk about student worker’s rights, such as the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, who can advise students of their rights. A recent survey found that a worrying 43% of NUI Galway students in employment do not have a contract of employment.

The Repeal the 8th issue will also be discussed as part of the week’s events, with a panel of discussion taking place on Wednesday, hosted by the Amnesty International society. Also on Wednesday, NUIG will examine areas of the college that can be improved to accommodate students with disabilities.

NUIG Students’ Union President Jimmy McGovern said: “Our Equality Week events aim to bring us closer to an inclusive and equal campus for all. Raising the issue of the high price of sanitary products will hopefully highlight this hidden cost for students. We will also be introducing picnic baskets at points on campus where students can collect our “Tompax” of free tampons and pads throughout the academic year.”
Students’ Union Equality Officer Megan Reilly said: “Following our Equality Week last semester our Equality Team volunteers suggested areas they felt needed more attention at NUI Galway. These areas are reproductive rights, workers’ rights and the accessibility of campus for student with disabilities. Our events this week will promote, defend and vindicate the rights of our student members.”